Invoice Management System (IMS)

Create Professional PDF Invoices
Excel VBA Invoice Management
Streamline Invoice Creation Process
Excel VBA Invoice Management

KeyFormula's IMS supports, streamlines and simplifies your invoicing process from start to finish. Set-up customised lists of your products and services, and create common bundles to aid your invoice generation.

Use the in-built filters to search for existing invoices by customers or date. Manage all your invoices in a consolidated list, and track invoice status to highlight those with payment overdue.

Create new invoices through a quick and simple entry form, dragging-and-dropping products, services and bundles into your invoice line items. Easily add discounts, delivery charges and sales tax to your invoice, and automatically compute the final total due. 

Generate professional pdf copies of invoices, and automatically email them to your customers.

Provide Instant Business Insight
Excel VBA Invoice Management
Export Quarterly VAT Summaries
Excel VBA Invoice Management

Gain instant insight into your sales figures via automated reports and analysis. Review your monthly, quarterly and yearly performance, with drill-down by customer and product. Compare your current performance to the previous FY.

In addition, IMS automatically ranks your customers and products, and provides graphical and tabular summaries of the Top 10 performers by sales revenue in the current FY and all time.

Create an export of all invoices and associated VAT for the previous quarter, or any user-defined period. The pre-formatted Excel exports contain all the information your accountant will need to create your VAT returns.

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